simply the best oatmeal

Fibre is important because it helps eliminate fats and sugars from our bodies. Steelcut oats eaten this way is the most nutritious form of oateal as the fibre is not removed, but steelcut usually require a bit more prep. Soaking is a very good practice with any whole grain as it becomes easier for us to digest, the nutients are better absorbed, and the phytic acid is reduced. has great information on soaking grains. I find this method makes steelcut oatmeal manageable even if you have a rushed morning!

You can buy steelcut oats bulk in most grocery stores, Costco sometimes carries them as well as the co-op Azure for a good price.

Steelcut Oatmeal

1 c steelcut oats
2 tbsp apple cider vinegar or plain yoghurt
2-3 c water

Cook soaked oats with:
2-3 c water
dash of salt
dash of ground cloves

Night before: Boil water in kettle. Put oats in a dish or measuring cup that has approx 4 c capacity. Add boiled water, and yoghurt or apple cider vinegar, and stir well. Cover and leave overnight. You can also soak (for same reasons as soaking oatmeal) some seeds and nuts for added protein or a handful of raisins.

Next morning: Drain water, rinse oats well with a mesh strainer. Bring water to boil (less water for chewier texture, more if you plan to cook more), add oats and simmer for 10 minutes or more, stirring every so often, until you get the texture you desire.

To flavor you can add apple and raisins at the beginning of cooking time, or frozen berries towards the end of cooking time. We also like the creamy combination of sliced banana and almond milk. Sprinkle with a dash of cinnamon and some milk if desired before serving and enjoy!


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