Popcorn Seasoning (no artificial or GMO ingredients here!)

We’ve been experimenting with nutritional yeast – a cheesy-flavored seasoning and exceptionally good B vitamin supplement – on our eggs, casseroles, and popcorn! It is de-activated yeast (so you don’t have to worry if you’re on a candida diet). It has a flaky texture, but is a great flavored alternative to cheese in dishes that call for cheese to garnish or have cheese baked inside.

Beware that most corn/popcorn kernals are GMO (genetically modified foods are linked to inflammation issues and a wide spectrum of diseases)… Get organic popcorn (and if you’re cheap like me, order a bulk bag not realizing it will probably last you til 2050!).


So, pop a big bowl of organic popcorn for a late night snack (or lunchtime favorite side with my kids), sprinkly generously with half melted coconut oil/ half organic butter, then nutritional yeast, coconut sugar or sucanat (cane sugar), and sea salt. I made it for a non-GMO party my friends had where we watched the creepy but educational Genetic Roulette. I think my friends enjoyed the popcorn because I made 3 big bowls and they were gobbled up in no time flat.


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