One of my favorite breakfast foods… or drinks (I guess it depends on the thickness) that really make a complete meal!

Some tasty and nutritious ingredients in one of our favorite breakfast smoothies include antioxidant-rich berries and greens, fiber and omega 3 filled flax, coconut cream for good metabolism boosting fats, and don’t forget the kefir which is full of probiotics! Thicken it up with chia seeds that add protein. And if you feel you need to sweeten it up a little, just add a tsp of unpasteurized honey. I also often soak a handful of almonds over night with sea salt, rinse in the morning, and blend with water before adding other ingredients to my smoothie (soaking raw nuts allows us to absorb more nutrition).

Super Smoothie Recipe:

-1/3 c coconut cream/milk (love super thick Trader Joe’s coconut cream), or soaked almonds
-1/4 c kefir* or plain yoghurt (organic, 3.5% or higher MF is best)
-approx 1 c frozen berries
-handful of frozen kale leaves
-1 frozen banana
-up to a Tbsp each of chia and flax seeds*
-water to thin

*Kefir is this amazing superfood that has been made for centuries from kefir “grains” and milk. The milk ferments into a yoghurt type liquid that is full of probiotics, and the kefir grains grow so you can keep making more! It is the most tolerated dairy product by people with milk sensitivities.
*Flax seeds can be purchased whole and ground in a clean coffee grinder or blender with single blade attachment. You can also buy ground flax. Once ground, flax should be refrigerated as it quickly becomes rancid.



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