I love creativity, food, and my adventurous taste-testing husband and two little ones with big appetites!

It’s important to me that my family is healthy and happy, like any other mom. I’ve been on a journey discovering the type of effects food can have on our bodies, and that common digestive and skin issues (including severe eczema) which my children had were resolved by cutting out typical North American staples including dairy, wheat and refined sugar. Through consulting naturopathic doctors, our own research and experimenting with natural foods, we have gained a wealth of knowledge. In addition to healthier digestion, and cleared eczema and candida, my family and I have also experienced relief from headaches, fatigue, inflammatory joint pain, frequent viruses and bacterial infections within months of making these dietary changes.

I love to share information and nutritious recipes through this blog, in hope that it will benefit the health of other families. The recipes I share focus on using nutritious whole foods and I often recommend using organic ingredients though non-organic can also be used. Someone once advised me to “take baby steps” with diet changes, and that was great advice.

God gave us an amazing earth to live on, full of plants, herbs, spices and much more for our enjoyment and well being. So enjoy!


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